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Blue-Job Polish for Chrome and Stainless Steel.

How To Use:

  • Let exhaust pipes cool. blue-job-SM
  • Lightly dampen supplied applicator cloth. Moisture is just to adhere the powder to the cloth.
  • Dab cloth into powder.
  • When removing exhaust pipe discoloration or rust,
    make a thick dry paste on the pipe or chrome surface.
  • Rub surface in a back and fourth motion, as hard as needed to remove discoloration (oxydation). It is not recommended to use a circular motion (do a small area at a time) BLUE-JOB® will not scratch! Even when used completely dry. If your paste is to wet the product will not work.
  • Finish with a clean dry cloth. Like our NEW Blue-Job Pipe Wipes
  • NOTE: This is a High-Tech material (a little goes a long way)

Use Blue-Job often to keep the blues away 🙂